Restaurants & Bars Neon Signs

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Apple LED Neon Sign
Apricot - LED Neon Sign
Avocado LED Neon Sign
Bar Open LED Neon Sign
Beer - LED Neon Sign
Bretzel - LED Neon Sign
Burger - LED Neon Sign
Burger - LED Neon Sign
Cake - LED Neon Sign
Cheers To Love LED Neon Sign
Cherry  - LED Neon Sign
Cherry LED Neon Sign
Cherry LED Neon Sign
Chief - LED Neon Sign
Cocktail - LED Neon Sign
Cocktail LED Neon Sign
Cold Beer - LED Neon Sign
Deer Head LED Neon Sign
Donut - LED Food Neon Sign
Eat Drink Dance - LED Neon Sign
Flying Pig Glass Neon Sign
Flying Skull - LED Neon Sign
Good vibes - LED Neon Sign
Hamburger LED Sign
Ice Cream LED Sign
Ice Cream Open LED Neon Sign
Ice Pop - LED Neon Sign
Italian Ice Cream - LED Neon Sign
Logo TikTok - LED Neon Sign
Orange Juice - LED Neon Sign
Pineapple - LED Neon Sign
Pizza - LED Neon Sign
Pizza LED Neon Sign
Pizza Open LED Neon Sign
Play Coffee - LED Neon Sign
Popsicle LED Neon Sign
Potted Cactus LED Neon Sign
Sushi - LED Neon Sign
Sushi - LED Neon Sign
Tacos - LED Neon Sign
We Love Pizza - LED Neon Sign
Showing 1 to 43 of 43 (1 Pages)

LED neon signs have become increasingly popular in restaurants and bars as they offer a vibrant and eye-catching way to enhance the ambiance and attract customers. These signs are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional neon signs but use energy-efficient LED lights instead. Here are some common types of Personalised Neon Signs you might find in restaurants and bars:

  1. Open Sign: An "Open" sign in neon lights is a classic choice for indicating that the establishment is open for business. It's usually placed in the front window or near the entrance to attract potential customers.

  2. Logo or Name Sign: Many restaurants and bars opt for customized LED neon signs featuring their logo or establishment name. These signs help in creating brand awareness and add a unique touch to the decor.

  3. Menu Items: LED neon signs can also be used to highlight specific menu items or drink specials. For example, a bar might have a neon sign that says "Happy Hour" or a restaurant could feature a neon sign displaying its signature dish.

  4. Bar Signs: Bars often use LED neon signs to create a lively atmosphere. Signs with phrases like "Cheers," "Bar," or "Cocktails" are popular choices. They can be placed behind the bar or on the wall to draw attention to the beverage area.

  5. Food and Drink Categories: Restaurants can use LED neon signs to categorize different sections of their menu. For instance, signs saying "Appetizers," "Main Courses," or "Desserts" can be displayed above the corresponding sections.

  6. Inspirational Quotes: Some establishments choose LED neon signs featuring inspirational or witty quotes to engage customers and create a positive vibe. These signs can be placed strategically throughout the restaurant or bar.

  7. Directional Signs: LED neon signs can also be used as directional signage to guide customers to important areas like the restroom, outdoor seating, or designated smoking areas. These signs are both practical and visually appealing.

When selecting Restaurants Bars Led Neon for your restaurant or bar, consider the overall theme, atmosphere, and branding of your establishment. Customized signs can be created to match your specific requirements. Additionally, ensure that the signs you choose are of good quality and comply with safety regulations.