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Spread Love, Hope and Warmth with A Vividly Colorful Approach!

Record your happy moments with our colorful neon lights on your special occasions so they can add more color, vibrancy and vivacity your memories.

I hope my neon lights can provide you the experience to live another memorable moment, another good time you cherish throughout your life.

In Our Studio at Putian City,Fujian,China  I Wanted Peoples to Experience the Hope and The Optimism and The Feeling of Getting the Best Wishes with Our Handmade Neon Lights.

It seemed to be a symbol of happiness and pure love. Every time the fireflies met the stars in the vast darkness of the night sky, it felt like sending countless blessings and good wishes for the world and renewed the hope and faith of the folks.

And when these fireflies met the stars, Oh! The combination!

A beautiful natural neon light providing direction in the darkest hours of night, instilling hope in the hearts of many. Illuminating their ways along with their hearts!

There was a time when there was no artificial light, fireflies were the source of hope for people. They brighten up the people’s nights when there was nothing else.

The stars twinkle and look radiant and joyful on the sky while the fireflies gleam with purity and florescent light on the Earth. The life these two bring in the world with their sparkle and shine is mesmerizing.

The memories and the longing it instills!

A story I yield inspiration from!

Our purpose: Customer first, credit first.

Our service: Dropship, wholesale, Custom design, OEM or ODM available.

Phone: 0086-16558986142 (7 X 24 Support)
Email: [email protected] (7 X 24 Support)
Contact:: Danning Li
Company Name: Putian City Hanjiang District Fuxing Jidian Device Management
Address: No.121 HanHua xi Road,Handong Street
Hanjiang District,Putian City,Fujian,351111,China  

Now that cusneon with US branch, where the service center in, also stock in the US and Chinese branch, were the main marketing and sales team in and also factory base. We hope to provide the best quality neon at an affordable price all over the world.  

Warehouse Locations:

USA: 1175 Florence Columbus Road
NJ 08505
United States

Please be aware: Do contact our customer service email [email protected] before returning any items. We do not accept direct returns without contacting us in advance.

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